Hypnosis Myths

There are many myths associated with hypnotherapy. Some seem silly, while others are serious misunderstandings. We welcome your calls and questions about the TRUTH in hypnotherapy.

Myth 1: You lose control

Fact: Because you are in a relaxed state your mind is free of that 24 hour a day "chatter", therefore, you are in more control of your thoughts.


Myth 2: Morals, Beliefs and Values are compromised

Fact: In a hypnotic trance you can not be made to do anything against your will.

Myth 3: You Go To Sleep

Fact: You will commonly hear and remember everything that is said.

Myth 4: Only mentally weak or sick people are hypnotizable

Fact: The opposite is true. The capacity to be hypnotized is a statement of relative mental health.

More to follow...